Great Hites Bonus Prompt

In an attempt to really confuse you, we are doing a Great Hites musical episode. Because this is something a little different, you have more time than normal and this will not replace any of the normal prompts.

Here is the deal. Get us a song, lyrics music and recording if you can, by August 31 on the subject of “Wiener Dogs.” You know Dachshunds! Yeah those funny short little dogs.

The song must be an original and as always we will creative commons license it so you will retain all rights to republish it / preform it anywhere or way you like.

if you need some research material here are a couple of sites I found with a quick google search:


<a href=" For Week #
&body=1 – Check out the rules 2 – paste the text of you story below 3 – Attach your audio that’s it”>Submit



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