The Mars Colony Thought Experiment

The idea of a Martian Colony is nothing new. Buzz Aldrin, you know the second man on the moon, himself has said that we need to skip the moon all together and head to Mars not as an expedition of scientists and researchers, but as a group of people who would start a colony. Great thinking and physicist Steven Hawking has said, and I am para phrasing here, The longer we keep all of our population on Earth with out expansion the more likely it is that some terrible thing will happen to wipe us all out. When you look at the state of the world around us can you really disagree?

The Journey

I invite you to join us as we look at what it would take to make the journey to Mars. Click here For more information about the project


I Vacuum

I Vacuum
By Jeffrey Hite

Every night I vacuum the rug. Every morning I wake up and there are foot prints on my rug.
I vacuum.
Foot prints.
I vacuum.
Foot prints.
Little tiny foot prints!
Finally a bought a night vision, inferred camera. I caught the little beasts making foot prints all over my rug. They were little elves or gnomes or something. I also caught them fixing the broken wires on my stereo, and the loose screws in the furniture. They did everything, everything that is but wipe their feet before they came in the house. So I vacuum and they leave footprints.

The Princess

The Princess
By Jeff Hite

The Princess lay in her tower asleep for nearly 100 years.  The Prince, selected to be the one to wake her after generations, stood over her watching the seconds tick by.  Hhe had made his way through the thorn forest and and the castle grounds he had seen the people whose lives would or had already ended with this one kiss.  It didn’t seem fair, the other men who had died thinking they could fight past the trees to inherit the kingdom, the servants who slept and would disappear once she awoke.  Instead he turned away and left.

This is a much shorter version of a retelling of Sleeping Beauty that I am working on.  My version is already in the 4000 word range, but this pretty much captures the essence of the story

The Llama

“I just wish she would use my real name when she checks us into our hotels, but she thinks it is funny.”
“Well there is really no harm is there?”
“The really problem is not that those people out there think they’re here for someone else, it is that she thinks that they are here for her.  When she goes down there to sign autographs they won’t even know who she is. And she gets pissed, and that never ends well for anyone.”

“I don’t get it. What name does Ms. Parton use”
“She sign’s me in as Dolly’s Llama.”

The Boy Who Never Laughed

The Boy Who Never Laughed
By J. Hite
“There was a boy who lived in this house at one time, why do you ask?” The realtor asked.
“Oh no reason.” The little boy replied twisting his finger.
“Well it was a very sad story about him.”

“Did he die here?”

“Oh no nothing like that.  He didn’t have any friends.”

“Why didn’t he have any friends, was he ugly?  Did he smell bad?  I know I bet it was that he was mean, and shove people’s heads into their lockers.”

“No nothing like that.  He always picked his nose.”

The little boy pulled his finger out of his nose and blushed.

The Story’s Inspiration

The Ship

The Ship
By J. Hite

“It was there and then it wasn’t I tell ya.”
“Alright Gramps but was it there when you pulled the collision alarm?”
“It was there, I might be old but I am not stupid.”
“Well… So tell us about this ship you think you saw.”
“It was pretty foggy.”
“So maybe it wasn’t there?”
“It was there! It was there, It has three masts.”
“So a sailing rig?”
“Exactly. It was moving slowly, only the main sail was up. But it was right in front of us. Then it wasn’t.”
“Hmm sounds like a case for Scooby Doo to me.

The Christmas Clause

Claus stepped out of the advent towers feeling like he had missed something. He had gone in there to, to. To what, he couldn’t remember.
“What did you do?” The complex owner asked.
“He said the towers were going to have to come down, because he kept disappearing.”
“So what did you do?”
“Well I brought him in here to talk about turning the reality dampers down a bit…”
“Well I turned them all the way up. I think he lost part of his memory of the event. The part where he said the towers had to come down.”

The Third Ghost

Scrooge watched as the third of the ghost materialized in the middle of the potters field near his home. Even before the ghost had full formed he began begging and pleading.
“No, No, No not here, not me, don’t let it end this way, I will keep Christmas.”
The ghost slapped him.
The ghost pointed.
Scrooge’s eyes followed the ghosts pointing finger to the rich court yard across from the grave yard.
“There am I to live there?”
Later the first ghost grilled him. “You told him what? How could you?”
“I hate for people to die without hope.”


Bob watched the sand blow across the glass of his tiny shelter. Honestly it was only slightly larger than an environmental suit, and he was feeling more than a little claustrophobic. Three days had pasted since the ship had left him here. Two hours until the were due back. The seconds ticked by slowly. He needed them back soon because if he had to wait too much longer in the suit he would go crazy. If that happened he might be temped to crack the seal, run down the beach and play in the water with the bikini clad women.


“Do swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”
“You will find my young friend that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on your point of view.”
“General actually.”
“General? Alright General, just yes or no will do.”
“These are not the answers you are looking for.”
“These are not the answers I am looking for. Wait, we’ve only asked if you will tell the truth. Could you try to stay on topic?”
“As my master would say, Do or not there is no try.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”