More stories to come

Ok So I have been bad about getting more stories out. I have been working on some, but nothing that I am ready to post here. At least not yet. I think have a couple that will be here eventually.

Having said all of this, I am making a commitment to write something every week to post here. Maybe more frequently but I am making no promises beyond once a week.

I have had great success in the past with prompt based writing so I am going to continue with that, at least to start. Staring on Monday I will post a writing prompt, and by Friday I will post what I have been working around that prompt. Note that I said what I have been working on and not, the story based on that prompt. I am very much out of practice, and have a lot less free time than I did back in the “GreatHites” days. So, even though I will try to get a finished product or at least a full first draft up here once a week, I can’t promise that is what will happen.

I am going to start the writing prompts on Monday April 16th, and will start working through some of the ones that I posted over at

Feel free to harass me all you want if you don’t see something new up here by Friday each week.


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